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    Bird Spikes also known as pigeon spikes provide effective and humane control for pest birds and climbing animals on all types of surfaces. These spikes are commonly used by private homes and public buildings because they create an unappealing and unstable environment for birds. Installing these spikes will help you get rid of unsightly bird droppings on your property or your car which is a big nuisance to clean. Also note that no birds will be harmed as the tip of spikes is blunt.

    KK manufactures two models of bird spikes to cover all applications. The first model consists of stainless steel (ss) spikes attached to a polycarbonate base and the second model is an "all" polycarbonate spike. Polycarbonate is a special type of plastic which is so strong that it is also used in making bulletproof windows.

    These spikes are easy to install. They are sold in strips each of length of 13 inches. The strips can be attached one in front of another to cover any length. KK bird spikes are effortlessly installed with included 3M doublesided tape.

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